Rules and Regulations

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1.    Indiscipline will never be tolerated,Every pupil is expected to be courteous and good natured.
2.    Bad behaviour that is liable to be injurious to others and using bad language will be severally dealt with.This may also justify expulsion.
3.    The class rooms are strictly reserved for study and should not be used as recreation rooms.
4.    This school is your school and therefore you should help to keep it clean and tidy.No student should write anything on the walls of the school building or on the furniture and any one found doing the same will be liable to severe punishment.
5.    Throwing paper and ink on the class room floor is forbidden. Bits of paper and such other waste materials found scattered in the school premises should be picked up and deposited in receptacles kept for that purpose.
6.    Each student should keep his/her books neat,with the name written on the front page.
7.    Due respect should be shown to the teachers of the school whenever and wherever the student meet him/her.
8.    No pupil shall leave the class room during classes without the teacher’s permission and not allowed to go out of the campus without the written permission of the principal.
9.    The teacher’s common room and the office room are places out of bound to the pupil.
10.    No unauthorized books, periodicals or news papers, Audio-Video Cassettes of any kind shall be brought in to the school without the consent of the school authorities.Offenders will be severely dealt with.
11.    Any damage done to school property should be adequately compensated by the pupil concerned.

1.    The school hours are from 9.30 am to 3.30 p.m. daily
2.    All students must attend the morning assembly
3.    Greet your friends, teachers and elders suitably and make them happy. Always respect your elders and teachers.
4.    Come to school always regularly in time, neither too early nor late,with proper books & this diary.
5.    The school uniform is to be worn daily.
6.    Keep your uniform, your books, body, class room and school premises clean, neat tidy and fit.
7.    Every child must bring the student’s diary to class daily. No pupil is allowed to tear any page from this dairy nor he/she is permitted to use it as rough exercise book.
8.      Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in school work, dishonesty,obscenity in word or act, in subordination or serious misconduct or threats even outside school are sufficient reasons for dismissal.
9.    Pupils should be simple & modest in their dress. Gold ornaments should not be used.
10.    Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their own books or belongings.
11.    The damage or lose of the school property or that of other students should be repaired by the respective students who cause it.
12.    Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their own books or belongings.
13.    The damage or lose of the school property or that of other students should be repaired by the respective students who cause it.
14.    Playing in class rooms and in corridors are strictly prohibited.
15.    Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases will not be allowed to sit in class.
16.    Students shall neither borrow nor lend money or exchange articles.
17.    Parents or others are not allowed to interview students or teachers during class hours without the permission of the Principal/Vice Principal.
18.    Reports of marks  and conduct of the student will be sent to parents and that should be returned to the school daily signed.
19.    When pupil move along the corridors to another class or while going up and coming down the staircase, the rule is KEEP LEFT
20.    No student is allowed to go home during the school hours except for extreme necessity and escorted by guardian or on producing proper letter from parent

Holy Mary Central School

The school follows a Ten Plus Two pattern of Central Board of Senior Secondary Education, New Delhi. According to the three language formula each student of Class I to VIII shall compulsorily study three languages.

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